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Consulate General of India, Johannesburg, in association with Tamil Federation Of Gauteng, commemorated 108th death anniversary of Valliamma Munuswamy Mudaliar at Braamfontein Cemetery on 20th February 2022. Valliamma was a young activist who laid her life at an early age of 16 year, following the path of Gandhiji's Passive Resistance against the barbaric laws of the colonial powers of South Africa in 1913. Around 40 people of Valiamma's family, friends and Indian diaspora community attended the commemoration event.
On the occasion, Consul General, Ms. Anju Ranjan talked about the relevance of commemorating the occasion. She stressed the need to remember the sacrifices of these unsung heroes and heroines whose lives are and will be a living testimony of selflessness and righteousness.
Consulate General of India Johannesburg expresses its gratitude to Tamil Federation of Gauteng for organising the commemoration event.