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'India-South Africa : Growing Together (a B2B Networking Event)' was organised by the Consulate General of India, Johannesburg, in partnership with Nedbank and Yobuningi, on 14 October 2022 at Gold Reef City Theme Park Conference Centre. The Event witnessed the deliberations on journey, growth prospects and challenges of enhancing bilateral trade between two countries, with emphasis on key sectors of their economies.
Consul General Mrs. Anju Ranjan highlighted the record bilateral trade and investment between the two countries the last Financial Year and rendered her comprehensive delebration on the vision of further enhancing the bilateral commercial relations.
On this occasion, esteemed speakers - Shri Ashwini Pathak, CEO of Auk Marine; Mrs. Nirmala Reddy from Nedbank; Mr. Ashish Sharma, CEO of Satguru travels; Shri Ashish Patnaik, Vice President, State Bank of India; and Ms. Shameem Baksh, CEO, Yobuningi- delivered their speech and presentations, shared their success stories, and deliberated upon future roadmap for continued growth in the concerned sectors.
Businessmen of both the countries representing various sectors of economy and local business chambers networked over the event.