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  • Consular Emergency Number : +27 6630 36144

All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa to enter India.

Applicants are advised to finalize their travel plan only after they have obtained visa.

It may be noted that there is no requirement for undergoing tests for HIV/AIDS status for visiting India or disclosure of such status.

South African nationals are issued visas FREE OF CHARGE to visit India.

Passport of all applicants should be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of departure from India.

No Visa applications would be accepted directly by the High Commission of India Pretoria or Consulates General of India in South Africa.

Visa Applicants who reside in Gauteng and Residents of North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces province have to apply at VFS in Johannesburg. Residents of Northern Cape and Western Cape should apply at VFS Centre in Cape Town. South Africans residing in KwaZulu Natal, Free State and Eastern Cape should apply at the VFS Centre in Durban.

Duly filled in and complete applications along with necessary supporting documentation may be submitted by applicants either in in person or by persons/travel agents/courier duly authorized in writing by signature persons . It may be noted that unsigned applications would not be processed and be treated as incomplete. It is also clarified that preferably the applications be submitted by the applicants in person. VFS/Consulates General of India (CGI) takes no responsibility for delay or loss of visa applications received through travel agents, couriers or post. Applicants may be called for an interview if required by the Mission/CGI.

Applicants must make sure that they have completed their applications themselves and not by the travel agents. Mission/CGI would not be responsible for any mistake or typo-graphical error that might have been arisen simply because it was filled in by a travel agent on behalf of the applicant. Any such errors may lead to rejection of the application denial of entry by immigration. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the applicant has verified the visa application including photograph pasted on it before its submission. Incomplete applications received by courier or post will remain pending. Applicant is advised to remain in close contact with M/s VFS either by phone or e-mail in this regard. Mission/Consulate would not respond to any queries addressed directly. Visa issuance is not a right. Mission/Consulate reserves the right to reject/withhold/retain the application without assigning any reason whatsoever. In no case would any visa fee/application processing fee be refunded to the applicant.

All visa applicants falling under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India, Johannesburg must submit their applications at the following address:

Address of VFS Office in Johannesburg:

Indian Visa and Consular Application Centre
2nd Floor, Harrow Court 1, Isle of Houghton Office Park
Boundary Road, Park Town
Johannesburg -2198
Tel: 012 4253007
Email: Info.inza@vfshelpline.com

Applications can be submitted at VFS between 0800 until 1600 hrs on each working day from Monday to Friday and Passport/document collected between 1100 hrs to 1600 hrs on each working day from Monday to Friday(except holidays). Closed for lunch between 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs

Please check the list of closed holidays during the current calendar year.

On the basis of a bilateral agreement, South African nationals holding diplomatic and official passport are exempted from requirement of visa to visit India for a period of 90 days from the date of their entry into India.

The Government of India does not allow carrying Thuraya/Iridium satellite phone in India due to security reasons.
If any foreign visitor to India is found in possession of such satellite phone, the device would be confiscated and passenger dealt under appropriate Government of India laws