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  • Consular Emergency Number : +27 6630 36144

List not in order of Seniority

Names Designation (List not in order of Seniority) E-Mail
Ms. Anju Ranjan Consul General cg.jburg@mea.gov.in
Dr. Vineet Kumar Consul (HOC & Commerce) hoc.jburg@mea.gov.in
Mr. Sudhir Khurana Consul (Cons) ccons.jburg@mea.gov.in
Mr. Tara Chand Consul ( Admin, DDO & Culture )  vcadmn.jburg@mea.gov.in
Ms. Anu Nagar Vice Consul (Commerce, Press & Education ) vccom.jburg@mea.gov.in
Ms. Jyoti Kalra Vice Consul ( Cons) vccons.jburg@mea.gov.in
Mr Sunil Kumar PA to CG cg.jburg@mea.gov.in
Mr. Saurabh Meena Assistant Vice Consul  ( Admin & Accounts ) ga.jburg@mea.gov.in
Mr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava Assistant Vice Consul ( Cons) cons.jburg@mea.gov.in

For any Consular emergency please call : Ms. Jyoti Kalra +27 716 764230 / Mr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava +27 6630 36144