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The Consulate General of India, Johannesburg in association with EXIM Bank of India representative Office in Johannesburg organised a presentation on the facilities being offered by EXIM Bank on 21 January 2020. All South African Government Departments and members of CII-India Business Forum apart from media members were invited.

The presentation received a highly positive response and the event generated interest among various Government Departments/Agencies as well as Indian investors in South Africa in learning further about the project funding by the Bank. The presentation was attended, among others, by representatives of Department of Public Enterprises, Department of Trade & Industry, Department of Agriculture, Gauteng Growth Development Agency, Southern Africa Business Development Division, Gauteng Infrastructure Funding Agency, Nelson Mandela Foundation, First Rand Bank & Development Bank of Southern Africa.

The programme was also used to apprise of the forthcoming CII-EXIM Bank Conclave on India - Africa Project Partnership scheduled to be held in March 2020 in India. Many Government Departments evinced interest in hosting similar presentation by EXIM Bank.