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Mrs. Anju Ranjan
Consul General of India

Mrs. Anju Ranjan is an Indian Foreign Service Officer of 2002 Batch. She joined as Consul General of India, Edinburgh on 13 th  December 2016.   Mrs. Ranjan is a Gold Medalist in her Masters in Chemistry (Inorganic and Complex Formation).  She also studied in IIT, Delhi for her M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering.  Mrs. Ranjan also holds an MBA (Finance) degree from IGNOU, Delhi.  After joining the Indian Foreign Service, she has served in Indian Missions in Jakarta, Kathmandu in various capacities, and as Consul General of India in Birgunj, Nepal and Consul General of India in Edinburgh, U.K.

At the Ministry of External Affairs, she was Desk Officer for Myanmar and partly for Sri Lanka. Smt. Anju Ranjan is married to Shri Ranjan Kumar, IAS of 2000 Batch. They have three children – two daughters and one son.